About me

Travis Richardson

Many months ago I left my home in Greenville, South Carolina to explore Southeast Asia. I started a TESOL certification course in Phenom Penh, Cambodia and completed it in Pattaya, Thailand. After that I moved to Bangkok to find a home and a job as an English teacher. This was the way my whole experience began. I decided to keep a blog because the things that were to come were too fantastic not to share.

After returning to a normalish life, I've since received awards and acknowledgement for the writing and photography that consumed me while abroad. I've decided to launch Explore Dream Discover to share my experiences, thoughts, and memories with the world. 

This will be a continually evolving project, so I welcome feedback. Please feel free to email or tweet me. 

info@exploredreamdiscovers.com         @RichardsonTrav

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Thanks very much!